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I have some very exciting news to share!  Hush n Wonder has moved!  This shouldn’t be a problem for most people (since Hush n Wonder has it’s own domain, it will automatically take readers to the new site!)  The only bummer is posts can’t be moved, so you’ll have to come back here to read all the oldies but goodies!  I’m so excited about my new site and would like to send a big THANK YOU to Shari of Little Blue Deer for doing such an amazing job making my site perfect!   Thank you for reading, my lovies!


Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine was spent with some amazing friends and went by way too fast.  

So a couple months ago, I shared my goal of finding some good floor length dresses that I could go out in.  Not too beachy, not too formal and I think I found a winner.  This Willow Grecian Jersey Gown ($430) might just be perfect.  I feel like I could run around town doing errands  in it, then glam it up with a big sparkly necklace or earrings for a night on the town!    This is a definite contender but the hunt continues…

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My dearies, I’m so sorry that my posts have been sporadic!  It’s been a crazy week here for me, but expect some fun changes coming to Hush n Wonder!  I can’t wait!  But enough about me, have you all been following New York Fashion Week?  I’ve been drooooling.   My favorite is, once again, Tracy Reese!  Her stuff is just so wearable.  I’m obsessed with the retro feel (wasn’t I just talk talking about this!?) and her way of making old, new again is utterly refreshing.  It’s the perfect mix of ecclectic and glam and I’d wear all. of. it. 

What I’m Picking Up:

– Teeny, tiny polka dots

– Chunky knits paried with silk

– Fur detailing

– Fun prints (lots of strips and florals!)



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Want to know something crazy?  In 6th grade, a report changed my life.    We all had to do reports on a country of our choosing, and somehow I ended up with the Principality of Monaco.  I became instantly obsessed (Let’s be honest, I still am) and also developed a fascination with Grace Kelly.   And mind you, this was well before Audry, Marilyn, and Grace were everyone’s fashion icons.  It wasn’t long after I came to idolize the Princess of Monaco, that I became familiar with her brunette and equally striking grand daughter Charlotte Casiraghi.  She was so royal and from a young age had a sense of style I would have killllled for.  She pops up on the pages of Vogue every now and again, and has recently been making more headlines thanks to her polished yet edgy sense of style.   I’d like to think that since she’s a writer and an equestrian, we’d be BFFs if we were to ever meet 😉  Take a look at her style below…

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Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day (makes Monday a little more bearable, huh?)  Speaking of love, have you all been following New York Fashion Week?  Oh, how I wish I were there!  My friend Kylie was in New York over the weekend and I can’t wait to hear about her Fashion Week adventures!  Expect a NYFW post tomorrow!  Enjoy your day! xo

I’ve become a very talented online shopper (I’ve put in many hours, people!)   As we all know the hardest thing about buying clothes via the Internet,  is we aren’t alway sure what it is we’re going to be getting.  To eliminate any unwanted surprises, go to as many different sites as you can and see if they have what it is you’re lusting after.  For example,  I’ve currently been obsessing over the Diane Von Furstenberg Spy Ruffle Trench Coat ($565).   If I were ever to make such a big purchas online, I’d want to be more than sure I knew what I was getting.  So, I checked pretty much every online store that might have this perfect spring jacket.  I went to Bloomies, Saks, Neiman’s, DVF, Shop Bop, Net-a-Porter, and a few other so I could get a good look the lovely little trench.  And look how different it looks in all the photos, but seeing them all gives me a great idea of what this coat is really like.  What are your online shopping tips and tricks?  Please share!

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New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow, and from the reviews I’m reading, it’s going to be one to remember.   Forget minimalistic pieces and simple basics.  Designers are wanting to wow with looks never seen before in an effort to fill people’s closets with new trends.   Past seasons have reflected the economy, but now it’s time for people to get dressed up and go out on the town.   A trend I think we’ll all welcome back.  When asked, many designers are stating that their collections will hold a lot of “fantasy” and “escapism.”  I for one, can’t wait to see what Fall 2011 collections will look like!

A sketch from Elie Tahari

A sketch from Rebecca Taylor

A sketch by Reem Acra


Images via Associated Press

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