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When it comes to classic Hollywood style icons, it seems that Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are where girls go to get vintage inspiration.  And I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge fan myself.  But if there were someone’s look I could emulate, it would have to be Jean Shrimpton’s.   Shrimpton’s style is perfectly polished, and looking back on black and white photos of her from her modeling days provides a wealth of fashion lessons from which we can all take cues.  “The Shrimp,” as she’s fondly known in the industry, was also responsible for helping to start the mod movement of the 60’s.  When she showed up to the Victoria Derby in Melbourne Australia wearing a white shift dress, the fashion industry was forever changed.   Below are some of the basics that I’ve gathered from Jean’s amazing style sense and everyone can use today.

  • The Bangs – As soon as the weather gets a little cooler, I’m going to get Jean Shrimpton bangs.  They instantly soften a look are always a nice way to bring in fall weather.
  • Neckline Details – If you Google images of Shrimpton, take note of how many dresses and shirts she wears with embellished necklines.  This fall look for dresses and tops with this detailing or fun statement necklaces.
  • The Shift Dress – She made them famous, and they are still as popular today.  This fall I’m on the hunt for a cream, wool shift dress to wear with riding boots and turtlenecks.  So classic.
  • Be Tailored – Never forget the importance of fit.  Fit should be your number one concern, especially when buying blazers and dress pants.  Find a good tailor!
  • Girly Girl Style – The Shrimp had an amzaming ability to take the girliest of dresses and make them look ultra cool.  Try sleek hair and edgy accessories with your frilly frocks for a fresh, slightly romantic look.
  • Eye Fringe – Jean’s eyelashes are a huge part of her style.  A great mascara (I use Dior Show Iconic) is a must and for special occassions, don’t shy away from falsies.  They add instant drama.

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