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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Once upon a time, a long time ago (4 months), far, far away (Chicago) there was a girl (me)  working retail (at Cusp.)  On a particularly slow day, a tiny woman with a Birkin that made my jaw drop and a Chloe blouse I recognized from Vogue entered the store.  She promptly grabbed me and instructed me to select some outfits for her.  I spent the next four hours with her and she proceeded to tell me her life story.  Normally I would have been completely annoyed (she only ended up buying one shirt)  but I was completely entranced by her tales.    Her name was Samira and she is an interior designer who was born in Dubai but grew up in London. Her best friend Killian is also her stylist and she would have married him in a heartbeat if he were straight.  Kate Moss’s nick name for her is “Midget” and she plans on writing a book on beauty.   Below are some of the beauty tips she gave me.  I’ve tried them all and I can only pray that this wonderfully opulent and gorgeous little woman ends up publishing her beauty secrets.

  • Exfoliator –    Samira said the very best exfoliator is one you make. It consists of sugar and a little olive oil.  I was skeptical at first, but tried it and skin is left radiant and smooth.
  • Steam Yourself – To really relax, Samira said create a steam bath with rose water and lemons.   When I did this, I came to the conclusion that this must be what heaven smells like.  It’s so relaxing and it leaves you smelling wonderful as well. 
  • Olive Oil –   For flawless skin, she told me to take a tablespoon of olive oil a day (the more expensive the better).   When Samira told me her age, I had guessed about 20 years too young, so it’s obviously working. 
  • Honey –   When craving something sweet, instead of going for a candy bar, have some honey.  Drizzle a little on some wheat toast or a cracker.  Or try putting a dollop in some tea.
  • Egg Whites for Taut Skin –  To reduce the size of pores and fine lines just separte the yolk from the whites and apply the egg whites to your face for 15 minutes.  Although not the most pleasant 15 you’ll spend, the result is certainly worth it. 

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From Top to Bottom : Barbara Bach, Britt Eklund, Zena Marshall & Sean Connery, Sean Connery &  Claudine Auger,  Ursula Andress,  and Maude Adam, Roger Moore & Britt Eklund.

There’s something about a gentleman in a tux and a lady in an evening gown I just can’t resist.  I think this very combination started my obsession with 007 films.  Feminists prepare to scoff, but growing up, I wanted nothing more than to be a Bond Girl.  With their gorgeous dresses, perfect hair, and sex kitten looks, what wasn’t to like?  Today, I find myself time and time again looking back on the movies for sultry inspiration.  Below are some styles worthy of a Bond girl.




1.  Isharya, Libra 18-karat gold plated amethyst earrings.  $245

2.  Christian Louboutin, rolandzip 120 suede platform pump. $795

3.  Julian Macdonald, lace detailed silk, chiffon gown.  $6,150

4.  Heidi Klein, Salina just bikini.  $281

5.  Vanessa Bruno, silk blouse. $430

6.  Cutler and Gross, aviator style acetate sunglasses.  $490

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When I was living in London, I loved nothing more than spending an afternoon wandering around TopShop. And I’ll never forget the afternoon I fell head over heals for a trend that up until that point I hadn’t encountered before -booties. I ended up buying a gorgeous pair of black suede platform booties that I’ve worn time and time again. Unfortunately they’re starting to show their age and it’s about time I invest in a new pair. Below are some options I’ve found.

Top Shop Paisly Cutout Booties $180

Zara Suede Ankle Boots $89.90

Alaïa Cutout Calf Hair Platform Pumps $2,375

Forever 21 Spectator Ankle Boots $29.80

Spanish Moss Vintage Sienna Ankle Boots $75

Acne Hybria Suede Wedge Boots $650

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This past weekend was my birthday and it was everything I could hope for – wonderful friends, pretty red roses, and of course a horse show.  I’ve been spending my birthday at this particular show for as long as I can remember and every year, I’m reminded of all the amazing memories I’ve created.  The first year I attended the show was in 1998 and it was my 13th birthday.  That particular birthday I recieved a diary, that I just so happened to stumble upon when I was at my parents’ house last week.  Reading through it, I realized that despite how many things have changed there are some things that are exactly the same.    I was especially surprised by the number of  lofty goals I managed to jot down.  And although I’m proud to say some of my aspirations have been accomplished, there are also many that I’m still working on.  It’s funny how at the end of the day, my 13 year-old self and my 25 year-old self are so similar.  Below are some goals I had at 13 and I still have today. 

  • Travel the world.
  • Swim with dolphins.
  • Be a writer.
  • Become a good cook.
  • Have a garden.
  • Learn to belly dance.
  • Breed a national champion horse.
  • Honeymoon in Monaco.
  • Be happy :O)

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Hello everyone!  Sorry for the late/short posts!  I’m in Springfield, IL attending National Show Horse Finals.  And I’m very excited to be guest blogging on the show.  Look for my posts tomorrow on  I’ll post a link  on here when they’re complete.  Also, look for changes coming to Hush n Wonder!  I got a decent camera and hope to be taking lots of pictures soon!   Hope you all have a great weekend!

Fall is finally here!  I brought in the season with lunch al fresco with my mom and did a little shopping.  If you haven’t been able to tell, autumn is my favorite season.  And there’s something that’s almost magical about the autumn equinox.   It’s gotten cloudy here in Wisconsin, but if it’s clear where you are, you can enjoy a full harvest moon and even see Jupiter (it’ll appear to be a blazing star light near the moon.)  So now that fall is officially underway I’ve completed a fall to-do list.   What do you want to accomplish before winter?

  • I want to bake a (GOOD) apple pie, spice cake, or pumpkin bread.
  • Go to the apple orchards back home and find a good one in Des Moines.
  • Visit New Glarus, WI (a tiny Swiss town by my Grandparents’ houses) and eat at the Swiss Hotel
  • Make spiked cider and watch scary movies.
  • Go on lots of walks after dinner.
  • Attend U.S. National Arabian Horse Show and see all my friends.
  • Go trailing riding when the leaves are most colorful.
  • Get hyacinths planted before the first snow.
  • Play in the leaves (not just rake them.)
  • Purchase some ultra-cozy sweaters and flannel jammies. 

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I’ve been so proud of myself lately – I’ve been really good about watching my favorite tv shows.  There’s something very relaxing about setting aside a certain amount of time on a weeknight to get lost in a good program.  And I haven’t really been good about doing that since I was in grade school.  Below are the shows I loyally viewed through my adolesence and the ones I  am faithful to now.

I used to watch…

The Wonder Years –  I loved watching little Kevin Arnold grow up to be a handsome young man!  Albeit slightly sappy, this show was so relatable and nostalgic.  I also adored Winnie Cooper and remember I coveted not only her romance with Kevin, but her gorgeous long hair. 

Full House-  I don’t know a girl my age who didn’t watch this show.     I grew up with these characters and definitely had a mini breakdown when the show was cancelled. 

Avonlea –  Was I the only one who was completely obsessed with this show?   The Anne of Green Gables books are what got me hooked, and this show REALLY made me want to live in the early 1900s (by the sea of course).  I’m now on the hunt to find the  seasons on DVDs.

Now I Watch…


Entourage – There are very few shows that I can enjoy with boys – but this is one of them.  Not only does this sort of satisfy the cravings I get for LA, what’s better than getting an inside look at how celebs live?  I also have a little crush on E.  I just wish the episdoes and seasons were longer. 

Modern Family –  This show is hilarious.  All of the characters are so lovable, and their disfunctual ways are so endearing and relatable.  So happy that it’s fall and a new season is starting again.

The Barefoot Contessa –  I have a love for The Food Network and Ina is the best.  I swear her and I have the same taste buds because I literally drool over every recipe she makes.  And lets be serious, who wouldn’t kill for her garden and kitchen?

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