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Last week when I did a post on fall trends, I realize I left out the ever-so popular animal print trend which is everywhere right now.  I certainly think it’s a look that deserves some recognition, but it’s also definitely something that needs to be done correctly.  Below are some good guidlines for keeping your jungle inspired look on the right path.

  • Minimal is Key:  A good rule to go by is wearing one leopard print item at a time.  This way you’re not being too matchy matchy and you’re not overdoing it.
  • Keep the Rest of your Look Classic: To avoid looking like you’re a Rock of Love contestant, make sure your clothes are tailored.  Don’t shy away from sexy, just know your proportions.
  • Be Colorful:  Just because you’re wearing leopard doesn’t mean you can only wear it with black.  Animal print looks great with practically all colors, especially jewel tones.
  • Embrace Vintage: Leopard print can give clothes a classic retro feel.  Trying adding a leopard print belt to a black shirt dress and you’ll feel like a 1950’s movie star.

~Animal Print Done Right~

Nicole Richie

Kate Moss

Ashley Olsen

Eva Mendes



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