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Hush n Wonder

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There are certain things that automatically put me in a wonderul mood. They are the pretty little details that life has to offer. It’s just a matter of slowing down and being observant enough to notice them.


Maybe it’s the soft trickling sound they make. Or maybe it’s my fascination with water, but seeing a fountain instantly puts a smile on my face. Even better is tossing a penny into the waters and making a wish. It takes me right back to being a little girl and I absolutely love it.


There’s a time of day when the sun sinks low in the sky and everything is hushed. Birds stop chiping, everyone is settled home after a day at work, and the last rays of sunlight cast long shadows over the darkening world. I love it when I actually stop and appreciate this time of day.

Blue & White in the Kitchen

I have so many fond memories of being in the kitchen with my Grammy Ruth. The thing I remember most about her own kitchen, was her affinity for blue and white china. She always had some on display, and now, everytime I see blue and white kitchen decor, I’m reminded of all the wonderful things we made and my Grammy’s simple and elegant style.

Happy Animals

Nothing makes me happier than seeing pets that are loved and well-cared for. I get this quality from my mom and grandma, who are complete animal nuts and are wonderful at spoiling their pets (some may be fed a bit too much, but you can be assured they’re happy!) Besides, happiness is contagious, if you’re pets are happy it’s bound to rub of on you.

Soda Pop

Again, this is something I was born into. The Berget side of my family loves pop, and I’m no exception. If I go a day without it, I’ll crave it the next day until I get a swig of the sweet bubbly stuff. This is not something I’m necessarily proud of, and really do wish I could cut back, but if I’m having a bad day, this is my go-to treat (particularly Diet Coke with a fresh Lime. Or if I’m allowing myself a REAL treat, regular Pepsi).


If I know I’m going to be home for a significant amount of time you can bet some candles will be lit. Everything from their smell, to their soft glow is comorting. I’ve especially become fond of candlesticks in old-fashioned or unique holders and facny matches. Nothing is homier.


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