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Every once in a while a designer will come up with a collection that will leave me in a fashion trance. These are the collections that encapsulate a mood so seamlessly it leaves me dreaming (literally) about wearing the clothes. Prepare to fall in love. Below is Tracy Reese’s Spring 2011 collection. With it’s distinct 70’s feel, pie-round sunnies, floppy hats, and an array of prints that could make Missoni jealous, there’s PLENTY to get inspiration from. Below are some notes I took on the collection and a few trends I can’t wait to try.

* The button detailing, the elegant sleeves, the fitted waist. I want this LWD.

* Mixing textures is key. Chunky Knit? Check. Silky pants? Check. Leather hat? Check.

* Nothing says spring like stripes. And this dress takes it to another level with the printed insert. I’m hoping Forever 21 copies.

* This poncho makes me melt. The sweet bow, the delicate knit. I love when boho goes fancy.

* The tweed jacket with the white and black detailing looks so fresh with classic white trousers.

* Gorgeous from shoulders to ankles. I want to pick Queen Anne’s Lace in this on a sunny day.

* Head to toe black is chic. Throw on those awesome sunnies and a floppy hat and make it chicer.

* We all know I like tribal prints dressed up. This dress is no exception.

* What a great take on the shirt dress. Love the sleeves and pockets. The print is great too.

* The feminine floral print contrasts perfectly with the sexy cut out bustier.

* I love how something so simple can make such a big statment. The plunging neckline balances the long frame of the dress.

* Again, love head to toe mono-tones. Accessories are key here. Adding layers of necklaces and a polished belt top off a classic blouse and trousers.

Images via New York Magazine.


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