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I’ve been so proud of myself lately – I’ve been really good about watching my favorite tv shows.  There’s something very relaxing about setting aside a certain amount of time on a weeknight to get lost in a good program.  And I haven’t really been good about doing that since I was in grade school.  Below are the shows I loyally viewed through my adolesence and the ones I  am faithful to now.

I used to watch…

The Wonder Years –  I loved watching little Kevin Arnold grow up to be a handsome young man!  Albeit slightly sappy, this show was so relatable and nostalgic.  I also adored Winnie Cooper and remember I coveted not only her romance with Kevin, but her gorgeous long hair. 

Full House-  I don’t know a girl my age who didn’t watch this show.     I grew up with these characters and definitely had a mini breakdown when the show was cancelled. 

Avonlea –  Was I the only one who was completely obsessed with this show?   The Anne of Green Gables books are what got me hooked, and this show REALLY made me want to live in the early 1900s (by the sea of course).  I’m now on the hunt to find the  seasons on DVDs.

Now I Watch…


Entourage – There are very few shows that I can enjoy with boys – but this is one of them.  Not only does this sort of satisfy the cravings I get for LA, what’s better than getting an inside look at how celebs live?  I also have a little crush on E.  I just wish the episdoes and seasons were longer. 

Modern Family –  This show is hilarious.  All of the characters are so lovable, and their disfunctual ways are so endearing and relatable.  So happy that it’s fall and a new season is starting again.

The Barefoot Contessa –  I have a love for The Food Network and Ina is the best.  I swear her and I have the same taste buds because I literally drool over every recipe she makes.  And lets be serious, who wouldn’t kill for her garden and kitchen?


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