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By the time this is posted, I’ll be getting my wisdom teeth out.   The next couple days I’ll be holed up at home, drinking my meals and sleeping as much as possible.    And while nobody really likes being stuck in bed and feeling yucky there are certain things that definitely make those sick days a little better.

Chick Flicks – Watching movies is a must when sick.  I prefer films I know word for word, that way if I fall asleep for half of it, I’m not really missing out.  Serendipity, Sound of Music, and Little Women are three of my very favorites.

Tea + Honey + Lemon –  Tea is the ultimate comfort treat for me.  When I’m sick I like to load it with lots of honey and lemon.  It’s so soothing on sore throats and makes me feel so much better.

Cuddles –  If you haven’t caught on yet, I love my stuffed animals.  Especially when I’m sick.  I prefer to cuddle with my kitties, but they only put up with it for so long, then I go for the next best thing – stuffed animals.

Aromatherapy Wraps –  I honestly don’t think I could make it through sick days without my neck wrap.  Mine is lavender scented and the moist heat it provides is perfect for achy muscles.

Cozy Jammies –  I love pajamas and putting on a fresh, pretty pair when I’m sick instantly makes me feel so much better.    I even got some new pajama bottoms from Target for my recovery 😉 

Fashion Magz – When under the weather, it’s nice to get your mind off whatever is bothering you and get lost in a good read.  When sick, I don’t have the attention span it takes to read a book, so fashion magazines are key.

Pretty Little Things – Whether it’s flowers, a phone call, or a card, it’s always nice to have a little something special to brighten your day.


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