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Having a love for fashion generally means keeping track of a lot of stuff.  Staying organized is key – if closets get messy, favorite scarves or sweater can get tucked away and be forgotten about for seasons. I realized this spring when Ipacked up to move that I didn’t wear my favorite cashmere Theory sweater at all last winter, because it was hiding under an old sweatshirt.  I’ve now made a very conscious effort to make sure all my clothes are not only organized, but easy to see.  Below are some tips that have really helped to keep everything in place:

Use Hooks:  I bought some pretty hook racks from Anthropologie that I hang my scarves on.  It’s so nice to have my scarves out and I love the color they add to the walls of my room.

Pretty Boxes:  I’ve found some old vintagey looking boxes that Iput all my extra buttons in.  It looks pretty sitting on my dresser and certainly serves its purpose.

Organize by Season:  In the summer, I put all my winter coats and chunky wool sweater in another closet so they aren’t even in my line of sight.  I then switch them out for my shorts and summer sun dresses in the winter.   Eliminating clutter is key. 

Display It:  If I know I’m gong to be wearing a dress Saturday night, I like to hang it either on my door or on a hook on my wall.  I’ll get out shoes, and jewelry possibilities and lay them out as well.  When I see it, I’ll think about things I can wear with it, how I’ll do my makeup, etc.  Well thought out ensambles look best, and doing this makes yout think about what you’re going to wear.

Jewelry Stands vs. Boxes:  I love jewelry stands, especially for necklaces, they eliminate tangles and make everything easy to find.  I found a pretty rose bud stand from Forever 21, and recently got another at Urban Outfitters.  Earring and braceletss I’ll tuck away in jewelry boxes.  

Throw It Out:  I love the rule, if you haven’t worn it in the last year, throw it out or give it away.  About twice a year, I go through my clothes and get rid of stuff that’s either out of style, looking to worn, or doesn’t fit correctly.   It’s important to go through jewelry and makeup and do the same thing.

What are your organizing tips?


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