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These are a few of my favorite trends….

And I don’t care what you think.

Some of my favorite trends are frowned upon by picky fashionistas. And I do understand where they are coming from, like how Uggs have been been worn inappropriately (i.e. Britney Spears sporting them with shorts in 90 degree weather.) But as much as they are critiqued and ridiculed by fashion mavens, I just can’t let them go. When worn correctly, I still think that these are trends that are completely classic.


Larger than necessary sunnies….

Boys seem to always scoff at extra large sunnies, but I think it’s the most glamorous way to top off an outfit. Just be conscious of the shape of your face and the shape and color of your frames, and I think it’s a trend anyone can pull off.

Popped Collars…

Frat boys may look like fools with popped collars, but I think ladies can sport this trend anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re popping your polo shirt or a trench coat collar, it’s a way to add a little drama to everyday looks.

Uggs and other furry boots…

I completely understand how Uggs have gotten a bad rap – between junior high girls pairing them with jean skirts and cracked out celebs wearing them with shorts, I get why so many have shunned them. But I’m sorry, there is nothing warmer or more comfy in the *winter*.

Hoops and XL Earrings…

I know girls who are absolutely disgusted by hoops and I really don’t get it. I think they instantly add a little edge or fun to an outfit. If my outfit looks a little to business-like or formal, large, glam earrings are my go to accessory.


For a while, oddly colored, fake beads that were supposed to resemble pearls were all the craze. I became sick of that trend very quickly, and came to appreciate authentic, classic pearls that much more. Many think they can look too yuppy, too Southern, or too matronly. I think they are just perfect and give kudos to all the lovely ladies who sport them.


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