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“My cloaks are like cocoons that provide perfect protection from exterior elements.  For instance: winter winds, garbagio soup blizzards and even those blustery blues  brought on by an unforeseen run-in with an ex on the street.  These cloaks can actually eliminate the whole idea of any sort of walk-of-shame altogether.  No one feels self conscious in a poncho.”
Lindsey Thornburg
Thornburg in her own design. Image via Paper Mag.

Staying with the magical winter trends (see yesterday’s post), I thought I would do a piece on one of my favorite young designers, Lindsey Thornburg.  I fell in love with her cloaks a couple months ago and since then have come to admire and covet her whole line.  Lindsey grew up in Colorado and started to design her self-titled brand after a trip to the Peruvian highlands of Machu Picchu.  Her clothes have a well tailored quality and intricate detailing that you simply don’t find everyday.   I’m not sure whether her cloaks make me want to become a gypsy, a Native American princess, or possibly a mystic, but they certainly take me out of the realm of the ordinary and into some sort of fantasy world.   Her designs are inspired by her muse Frida Kahlo and love of nature which is apparent in the video she created below showcasing her Fall 2010 pieces.  I was blow away by the psychedelic and earthy vibe she created and am officially saving for a cloak (wow, do I need a job.)  I also love the fact that her cloaks are made from limited, novelty wool, so no two creations are exactly the same – which for some reason justifies the g it takes to get your hands on one of these beauties.

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