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Now that I’ve been working on a regular basis, I’ve come to appreciate my weekends and slightly dread waking up early on Monday mornings. I have found however a few good tricks to make my Mondays a little more bearable.

  • Treat myself to Starbucks. After binging on pricey coffee drinks a couple years ago, I made a vow to myself to limit my Starucks intake to twice a week. Monday morning is so much more bearable with a skinny cinnamon dolce latte.
  • Work it Out. If I start my week with a workout, I’m so much more likely to continue working out throughout the week. Also, working out gives me more energy, puts me in a better mood, and leads to making better food choices.
  • Plan Ahead. This includes, little things from picking out outfits to wear to starting to figure out next weekends plans or out what nights I’ll run errands. If I start on Monday, I’ll get more accomplished.
  • Taking Time to Relax. I like cooking a simple, but homemade meal and watching TV. Nothing too complicated. Monday nights are the perfect time to just be home.
  • Online Shopping? Maybe. I’m addicted to sites like Shopbop, Ruelala, and really, countless others. If I know I’m going to have to buy something, I like to do it on Mondays. Definitely cures any case of the Mondays I might be having.

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