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Janet Jackson – Love Will Never Do Without You by DemonPreyer

Growing up, music videos were a major source of information, for young, inquiring minds. At least they were for me.  I would spend my mornings before school, glued to the television, watching Brandy, Boys II Men, Mariah Carey, No Doubt, and countless others teach me about love, life, and most importantly fashion.  The video that sticks out in my mind more than the others is Janet Jackson’s video for “Love Will Never Do (Without You).”    I remember  I found my ten year old self wanting desperately to be stuck in the desert with some good looking boys, wearing a black headband with a messy updo.  When I first saw the video, it was already five years old.  And I remember being surprised by that because in my mind, it was the epitome of cool.

In college, I came to realize why the video was so amazingly timeless – Herb Ritts one of my favorite photographers, was the mastermind behind the short flick.   If there’s one thing to know about Ritts, it’s that his photography style was simple – mostly black and white shots with an almost “Greek sculpture” influence.  Jackson’s video is the ultimate example of this – bodies (as it’s clear to see) are the main focus, but her clothes are certainly serving their purpose.  She looks timelessly sexy and that’s what Ritts wanted.  In fact, Jackson planned to wear a dress for the video, but Ritts envisioned her in a simple black top and jeans.  This resulted in a video we can all look to for inspiration and it’s a wonderful reminder of how profoundly sexy simplicity can be.


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