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Fashion is all about balance. Nothing balances out elegance like unexpected twists of casual. I vividly remember the first time I took note of this look. I was watching “Newlyweds,” oogling over Jessica Simpson’s wardrobe and in one episode she wore a look that I still think of to this day. Simple jeans, pointy heels, extra big hoops, and a grey sweatshirt was a look I instantly wanted to duplicate. Simpson looked amazingly stylish – but the sweatshirt was an unexpected pairing that surprisinglyworked. The fashion maven who pulls this look off best has got to be Kate Moss. There’s always something about Kate that is a little off – she rocks evening dresses with messy hair, was the first to sport wellies with shorts, and in general you just can’t guess what she’s going to show up in. Perhaps this is why Moss is a fashion icon. I’ve been obsessed with the picture of Gillian Zinser above since I first spotted it on Knight Cat. The vest, earrings, and bag are straight glamour, but the distressed boyfriend jeans, funky booties, and simple white T, bring this look down to earth. When I look at Zinser, I don’t think she’s trying too hard. She just appears to have great style. Below are some looks that I’m loving – and follow the rules of messy elegance.

  • Animal Beanies and Structured Coats. I’m obssesed with the adorable animal knit hats that are everywhere this season. I ordered the cutest teddy bear one off of Asos this weekend and can’t wait to wear it with my crisp and tailored military jacket.
  • Red Lips and White T’s. I love a good white T-shirt. Nothing looks more classic with a pair of jeans. Although this is my go to look, it can get a little boring. Red lips, or really any unexpected pop of makeup, takes this look to the next level.
  • Wear it Different. Get a new look with the wardrobe you have by sporting your favorite pieces in unexpected ways. Button your favorite dress shirt all the way to the top. Roll your favorite jeans into capris. Tie your favorite scarf around your waist. Layer tank tops over button downs. So many possibilities. It’s all about being unexpected.
  • Scuff It Up. Wear your favorite pieces in! My favorite pair of vintage boots show their age – they’re completely scuffed, missing studs, are the leather is worn in. These are all reasons why I love them! The same goes for sweaters. I have several of my dad’s old sweaters that I wear belted with skinny jeans. They have holes and are fraying, but that’s why they’re so darn cool.
  • Fur. Always. I have no shame in being a copy cat and I’m currently looking for an oversized vest just like the one above. And I’m going to wear it with EVERYTHING. Can’t wait.

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