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Hush n Wonder

fashion, food, and all things fabulous

I’ve been in a particularly feminine mood lately. I’ve found myself drawn to things in the lightest of pinks, I’ve been indulging in bubble baths, and wanting to invest in some adorable nighties. Below are some of my girliest guilty pleasures. What are yours?

  • Peony Pink- I love everything about peonies. From how big and fluffy they look, to that perfect blush hue they have. I used to buy them fresh and recently bought a silk bouquet so I can enjoy them all the time.

  • Sex and the City Marathons – I could watch episodes of Sex and the City all day, every day. I’ve seen all of them one hundred times, and have yet to get sick of them. The clothes, the friendships, the clothes (did I already mention the clothes?) It’s love.

  • Cupcakes (Cause they’re pretty) – I have always loved cupcakes. And when I’m craving sweets, there is nothing I’d rather have. And I think the main reason I adore them so much is how cute they are. Is that bad? Am I judging a book by it’s cover? Oh well.

  • Naps – You’re probably wondering what’s so girly about naps? I like mine post bubble bath, in delicate pajamas, with stuffed animals and soft blankets. This all rarely happens, but when it does, it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

  • Smelling Wonderful- I think wearing a good perfume is one of the girliest things out there. It’s something I believe to be deeply personal and I love find a scent to call my own. My dresser is filled with pretty bottles of perfume and it makes me happy just looking at it.

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