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It’s impossible to turn on the TV or open a magazine and not be bombarded by news of Kate and William’s upcoming nuptials. My view on it all? I LOVE it! I grew up having a serious crush on Prince Harry, and like most of my generation, remember Princess Diana’s death all too well. Before she passed, I knew very little of Princess Di, but I was intrigued by this woman the whole world was morning and quickly learned what an amazing woman she was. When I was able to visit London a few years ago, I was reminded of Lady Diana everywhere I went, and my fascination with her grew. I was especially blown away by a collection of her gowns on display at Kensington Palace. Accompanying the dresses were photos and videos of Diana wearing the garments. I was instantly amazed by her natural elegance and beauty. She had such a quiet confidence, and everything about her was pure class. As of late, Kate Middleton has been getting quite a few comparisons to Lady Diana, and it is very clear that Middleton has the same refinement and natural chicness that her would be mother-in-law possessed. I also love that Kate’s engagement ring was once Diana’s unbelievably beautiful sapphire. The color is absolutely amazing, and Kate paired it perfectly with a royal blue Issa dress when she announced her engagement. Now, I’m waiting with the rest of the world to see what gown she’ll choose for her April wedding!


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