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Winter season is upon us. Maybe not officially, but since the first frost, there’s a certain deadness that is unmistakeably late November. The evenings come earlier, the mornings are colder, and nothing is better than looking at the outside world from within a warm, cozy home. I love the condo I share with my boyfriend. It’s large, has beautiful wood cherry floors, and is really starting to feel like home. The one thing it’s lacking? A big, old fireplace. To me, nothing says home like a roaring fire. From the woody smell, to the crackling and popping sounds, there is nothing I would rather have on a chilly evening. To compensate for our lack of a fire place, I burn LOTS of candles. And I mean lots. In every room, far too often. Below are some of my favorites I thought I’d share with you. But at the end of the day, smells or brand of candles don’t really matter. As long as there’s that warm glow.

Hotel Costes Pink Candle $89 – The lovely floral scent produced by this candle takes you away to another place and time. Almost makes the pricetag worth it. This scent is seriously chic and although I’ve yet to purchase it, you better believe it’s the first candle I smell when I enter C.O. Bigelow.

Capri Blue Volcano $28 – I’ve yet to find stronger scented candles than those of Capri Blue. The fragrance is seriously rich and will scent a room for days. The volcano scent is slightly romantic and extremely fresh. I love it.

Henri Bendel Apricot $26 – These candles are my go-to housewarming gifts. The scents are amazing. So amazing, that it’s pretty much impossible not to like them. They’re delicate, fresh, and never too strong. And the boxes they come in are real cute.

Tocca Candle Cleopatra $36 – These candles make me feel glamorous. The scents are worthy of an Italian princess, and are so old-school and fabulous. If you’re not quite sure of what I’m talking about you have to smell them. It’s kind of indescribable.

Yankee Candle Frosty Air $26 – I grew up with Yankee Candles. Mistletoe reminds me of my first car, Fresh Cotton when I first redid my bedroom and there are a million more in between. Let’s face it, we’ve all had a love affair with a Yankee candle at one time or another.

Diptyque Baies Noir $68 – My roomie in college pointed out these candles to me as we were watching an episode of Sex and the City. Carrie always burned these delicious candles. And trust me, they’re fabulous (why else would Carrie have them?) This particular scent is a little more mysterious and dark then the ones I’ve smelled before and I’m just loooooving it.

Woodwick in Fireside $32 – This candle got me through finals during college. I burned it non-stop while studying in my room, waiting oh-so patiently to head home for the holidays. The smell is home. It’s so comforting and the soft crackling noise these candles make is amazing.


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