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There is nothing cuter than a stylish pregnant woman. My cousin Lindsey is expecting twins in April and is the epitome of mommy chic, but confessed to me over Thanksgiving that she’s having a hard time finding cute clothes. I did a little research and found some adorable options for moms-to-be with expanding waistlines. Such great duds make me wish I had a little bun in the oven!


Chiffon Corsage Babydoll Dress $65.50, Mix StripKnitted Tunic $50, Knitted Cadigan $60.34

If you’re looking for variety, Asos is the place for you. With hundreds of options, the maternity wear is chic as can be and reasonably priced. Asos has yet to fail me, and the maternity line is no exception.

Forever 21

Embellished Chiffon Tunic $27, Cardigan with Hood $22.80, Jersey Knit Bib Tunic $22.80

Who knew Forever 21 had maternity clothes!? I sure didn’t and you’re probably not going to find it at your local store either. But check out the selection they provide online. Lots of fancier dresses and tons of basics to get ya through those 9 months!


Embellished Lightening T $80, Rose Pussybow Blouse $90, Lace Keyhole Jumper $70

Why does it not surprise me that I loved EVERYTHING in Topshop’s maternity section? Everything is classic, and many of the pieces look like they will be equally wearable post pregnancy with a belt.

The Gap

Cable Knit Poncho $69.50, Sequin Pocket T $29.50, Skinny Jeans with Panel $68

When it comes to comfort, Gap is the place to go, and comfort is key when expecting. I love how relaxed and simple these pieces are. Again, a great place to go for fun basics that you know will look great.

Isabella Oliver

Grecian Nursing Tunic $125, Pocket Tunic $205, Maxi Wrap $359

Isabella Oliver is where the celebs go when they want to look their best while showing off their baby bump. A bit pricey for clothes that are only going to be worn for 9 months, Oliver knows what she’s doing when it comes to style. I suggest going to her site and taking note of the different styles and how clothes are worn. Draping and proportions are key, something that is always important to remember.


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