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Staying in the holiday spirit (see yesterday’s post) I thought I would share a movie I grew up watching. Countless times. I actually watched it until the VHS tape wore out, so you can only imagine how excited I was to find this on YouTube. As a young girl everything about this video entranced me. From the girl’s frilly dress, to the horsedrawn carriage, I still dream about have a romantic evening like this (minus the whole being swept down a river thing.) This also got me to thinking about other Christmas traditions we grew up with. I listed my favorite below.

– My Grandma would come down every Christmas and we’d have a day dedicated to baking. We would start with gingerbread men, then lefse, then bra bakelse. It was an event that lasted all day and completely wore me out (I can only image how tired my mom and Grandma were!)

– There is nothing like staying home when the house is all decorated, there’s a fire going, and awesomely cheesey movies are on tv. This is always fun to do, but growing up, we’d always try to make sure we got to watch classics like “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “A Christmas Story.”

– Shopping is a big part of Christmas, like it or not and although the malls can be disturbingly busy, they sure are festive. I have plenty of wonderful memories of shopping with my mom and sister, then meeting my dad for dinner. Alwaysthe best at Christmas time.

– Everything about Christmas is wonderful, but the very best part is seeing my whole family. Christmas Eve has always been dedicated to my mom’s side, and Christmas day to my dad’s. We only see each other a couple times a year, so it’s always special.

– Playing in the snow is certainly something I still love to do, but it’s something I never really think to do anymore (how sad is that?)  All I know is I wouldn’t trade my childhood memories of ice skating, sledding, fort building, and horseback riding for anything.


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