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The thing I miss most about living in a big city is flea markets and vintage shops.  Between Chicago and London, I was very lucky to hava plethora of both at my disposal.  Luckily, I have found several online shops that are almost as entertaining as actually spending the afternoon sifting through countless items in hopes of finding a particular treasure to take home.  Below are some of my favorite online boutiques that offer killer vintage selections.

Spanish Moss

LonelyCanyon Tribal Fringe Poncho $142

Victorian Floral and Brass Necklace $38

Edwardian Military Tails Jacket $248

Spanish Moss has some of the most unique pieces you’ll ever see.  I love the variety they have to offer, and how easy their site is to navigate.  Also, prices are reasonable.   You’re not paying because the pieces are vintage, and their return policy is fair.

C. Madeleine’s

Balmain Ivoire Vintage Taffeta Cocktail Dress $2,500

Chanel Vintage Wide Leg Linen Pants $350

Jean Paul Gaultier White and Navy Fur Sweater $450

I could spend hours upon hours on this site.  They have the most beautiful vintage designer clothes ever!  The site was just redone too, so it’s incredibly easy to navigate.  I have aked for a couple things from here for Christams, so I’ll make sure I share them if Santa delivers!

Mother’s Daughter

Cream Balloon Sleve Dress $55

Taupe Polka Dot Culottes $45

Lauren Nautical Linen Blazer $48

While some online sites are amazingly overwhelming, Mother’s Daughter keeps everything clean and simple – just like they’re adorably feminine clothing.   Every look makes me want to go for a walk in a field, picking wild flowers, or something to that effect. 

Rice & Beans Clothing

Chanel Gold Chain and Purple Gripoix Glass Earrings $400

Christian Dior Abstract Gold and Green Scarf $150

1980's Cat, Mouse, and Moon Earring Holder $30

Rice and Beans is a site that has such a fun variety. They have adorable knick knacks as well as great designer pieces.  The site is also constantly being updated, so the more you check back, the better off  you are.   They also have one of the best accessories sections I’ve ever found.


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