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I get excited over sweatshirts.    I’m not sure why, but I think if a girl can look cute/sexy/attractive in a sweatshirt, she’s doing something right. Today, I visited Victoria’s Secret with a goal to find one of those uber-soft fleece ‘pink’ sweatshirts.  This goal was easily accomplished.  I found one in bright yellow and a size large that I’ll be sporting with leggings.  The oversized look is as comfy as it is stylish and I’m oddly excited over this purchase.  Are ‘Pink’ sweatshirts cheesy?  I know that highschool girls and younger have really taken a liking to Pink, but they have such a great fit, are oh-so warm and are always in the girliest of colors (can you see how I’m gushing over this!?)  This might be my new obsession.  The way that Abercombie and Fitch sweatshirts were once an obssession.  Okay, maybe they still are, I still sport them with pride.     Are you a sweatshirt girl?  Below are some sweats I’d wear any day.  Well, most days.

Wildfox Couture Baggy Beach Romper $108

Old Navy Women's Jersey Lounge Hoody $14.99

Markus Lupfer Fern Beaded Cotton Sweater $500

Victoria's Secret Everywhere Applique Pullover Hoody $25

Rebel Yell Hollywood Sweatshirt $98


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