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When I have a place of my own, one (of the many) criteria that must be met are built in bookshelves.  I think nothing is more elegant and it’s the perfect way to show off your prized possessions and in the process show visitors a little bit about yourself.   Yesterday, my friend Megan asked me if I would do a post dedicated to built in book shelves, and I’m so excited to share some ideas.


  • Notice how the books are stacked in a very strategic manner.  Books with beautiful covers are displayed and boring piles of magazines are covered with a large picture.   Shelves filled with plain, old literature are boring, make sure piles and placings are purposeful.
  • Color is so important, and there is a definite purpose to how color plays into this bookshelf.  The top shelf has lots of orange and pinks.  Another shelf is predominately black and white.  There are pops of blue too, notice the pattern on the second shelf down.
  • Having a statement piece is important.  The large white bust on the top shelf catches your eye, and is a great starting point to let your eye roam over the rest of bookshelf effortlessly.



  • I love this because it just proves that you can put anything on display.  A sparkly clutch.  An old trophy.  A jewelry holder with a single necklace strung from it.  So unique and the perfect way to show off what makes you, you. 
  • Notice that the back of this shelf is lined with wallpaper.  Wallpaper is coming back in a big way, check out Anthropologie for some awesomely modern takes on it.  It’s alsoa good way to try it out in case you’re not ready to do a whole wall.



  • I love that this book shelf has a definite theme – coral!  the different shapes, textures, and sizes make them the perfect decorating accessory.  I could see a similar style of decorating being done with everything from candles and candlesticks, to differently framed pictures, to displaying  your favorite glassware. 
  • Take note to how items are spaced.  There are a lot of things on these shelves but since their is a coherent theme (both in the coral and the subdued color palette) it works. 



  • Although these are obviously in a kitchen, I love the order to it, and think a lot can be learned.  Pops of bright pink look so cozy against the white stained wood and the slight variations of off-white plates keeps the look neat.
  • Note how the pink flowers on the table tie the shelves in with the rest of the room. It’s imporant that everything flows and an organized color scheme helps to accomplish that.


Images via Lonny Mag, Vintage Rose Garden, and Design Pad.


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