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Hush n Wonder

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As much as I like to pretend Spring is just around the corner, it’s not.  It snowed steadily all day long yesterday and I watched from inside, only venturing into the elements to snap a few pictures.  Last night’s dinner consisted of hot soup and figuring out a good meal to make for today’s equally snowy and chilled conditions.   Although I think I’m ready for spring there is plenty making me happy during dreary, old January.  The itmes below are currently topping my list:

  • My latest read, Lunch in Paris.   It’s delightful and I’m itching to try the recipes.  I’m also trying to take cues from the French way of eating – eat small portions slowly.  Seriously, best advice ever.
  • How snuggly my kittens have been lately.   They’re well aware of the fact that the colder the weather, the cuddlier they must be.
  • The way my entire body is sore after my workouts. 
  • Being stuck inside with nothing to do but watch old Bond movies and cuddle.  Poor me (hehe).
  • The fact that my bathroom is equipped with a jetted tub.  Do you guys have any idea how many bubbles jets create?  It’s amazing.
  • Making myself do different things with my hair. This includes low, side ponytails, messily braided updos, and figuring out how to make hair clips back in style.

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