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My goodness it’s snowy here in the Midwest!  Hope you’re all managing to stay warm and safe in this crazy weather.  I’ve been living in my own little bubble, nose burried in my laptop, browsing resortwear.  I’ve yet to purchase anything (if I hold off long enough, will the urge just go away?)  but I’m seriously craving sunshine and all the attire that comes with it…

What I’m Envisioning:

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade.  I miss (I say it like I lived it, HA!) the oppulence of the 70’s and 80’s.  Everything was over the top.  Hair was a little bigger, jewels were meant to sparkle, dresses were flowy with lots of fabric, tans were healthy, and women were supposed to be sexy.   Maybe I’m so attached to these visions because my first memories of fashion were from the 80’s.  Regardless, it’s a look I gravitate towards and the images below have me sooooo excited to experiment with beachy, retro themed looks.

~Found Inspiration~

-Be completely unappologetic about showing off lots of skin.

-Wear billowy, white pieces with a cinnamon tan.

-Find a vampy little bikini and wear it with wedges.

-Wear sequins.  In unexpected places.  With a bold lip.  (a lil’ head piece a la Bianca Jagger? Sure.)

-Beach appropriate jewelry is a must.  Like Claudia Schiffer’s tribal-y bangals.

-Go for glam.  Drapy silk, plunging necklines, a bold eye or lip, messy waves – look like a bond girl.


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