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Valentine’s Day is almost here!  I have chosen to believe that Valentine’s Day is not a holiday created by Hallmark, but instead a time of giving delicate little cards and savory chocolates to the ones you love.  One of my favorite memories from my childhood would have to be in elementary school when we’d make little mailboxes and everyone would exchange sweet little cards adorned with cherry flavored suckers.   Even single I always enjoyed the holiday (maybe that’s because my mom always made a point of sending tulips?) But regardless, what’s so bad about being reminded how wondeful a little romance can be?  Below are my top ten favorite love stories to get you in the mood for February 14th.   

10.  The Notebook – Name a girl that doesn’t love this movie?  It’s so cliche, I’m almost ashamed, but it is the ultimate love story, and I might be slightly obsessed with Ryan Gosling.

9. A Walk in the Clouds –  This is the sweetest movie ever.  My bffer Brooke and I used to watch this and it’s so relaxing and will make you wish you came from a big family and owned a vineyard.

8.  Cruel Intentions –  I’m still so attached to this movie.  It tells the ultimate love story and was so relatable growing up.   It’s still one of my favorites.

7.  Casablanca –   It might just be the most romantic movie ever made, and it’s still watched this day for that very reason.  Proof, things might not go as planned and love can be a tricky, tricky thing.

6.  Serendipity –   Ahh, everything happens for a reason, right?  I’m in love with the idea of  ‘serendipity’ and ‘soul mates’ and love that it all comes together so perfectly in this film.

5. The Graduate –   Maybe it’s all the Simon and Garfunkel in this movie, but I just love this story.   A little twisted and a lot nostalgic, it’s the story of finding love after college.

4.  Romeo and Juliet –  I’ll admit the 90’s version with Leo and Claire was good, but the 1968 version with Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting is amazing.  Seriously, just watch it, and you’ll see what I mean.  The best love story ever told.

3.  Far and Away –  This is my parent’s favorite movie ever.  In all honestly I haven’t seen it in years, and am dying to watch it again, but it’s a wonderful tale of adventure and romance.

2.  Big Fish –  This is the story of an exceptionally unique man and the woman he loves.  Through colorful and imaginative storytelling, Edward tells the tale of his life and how he found his one true love.   The most touching movie I’ve ever seen.

1. True Romance –  The ultimate love story.  If you’re looking for the perfect romantic movie to share with your man, please, please watch this.  He’ll love it, and so will you.  And just see if you can keep track of all the famous faces you’ll spot – betcha can’t.


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