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Oh hello, Monday morning.  I’m in definite need of some pick me ups after this weekend.  Like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, I’m simply remembering my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad (I was singing that, if you were wondering…)

BRIGHT EYES –  My mom got me this amazingly bright and fun eye shadow, and wearing it really brightens up dull days.  I also use this Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in Purple Passion ($20) to line my eyes for a fun, more subtle hint of color.

WARM SOUP –  There is nothing better than hot soup on blustery nights.  Almost as fun as eating it, is planning what to make.  Last week we had amazing chicken tortilla, and I’m thinking a good chili or stew this week (don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll blog about it! ;))

27BSLASH6 – If you need a good laugh, go to this site.   You’ll honestly thank me.  When my friend AJ introduced me to this, I read pretty much every entry in one day.  Warning, it’s a little crude, but completely hilarious.

GIVING THE GIRLS FREEDOM – (sorry, mom, but it’s making me happy)  The ONLY good thing about being tiny chested is the ability to not have wear bras all the time.  SO. Comfy.

FURRY NECK WEAR –  I’ve been living in this faux fur snood scarf from Target ($17.99).   It’s warm, fuzzy, smells like my coconut body lotion, and is the perfect mix of browns, greys, blacks, and creams so it goes with everything.


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