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Hush n Wonder

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I started my blog for a lot of reasons, but the main one would have to be so that I would have a creative outlet.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to work for a magazine, writing about things I love and inspire passion.   Like most 25 year-olds haven’t yet landed my dream job, but Hush n Wonder has been a sort of pretend career, that has become a way of fulfilling my need to write and stay involved in media.  While I’m still looking to officially start a journalism career, I can’t help but be beyond excited about the way the magazine industry is progressing.   I had the opportunity to discuss this ever-changing field with some industry professionals a couple of weeks ago, and am mesmerized by how magazine articles are being told through video.    The video below explains it better than I can.

And, fashion lovers, rejoice, some pretty amazing things are being done with fashion through cinematography as well.  Award winning photographer Jim Krantz has mastered what all great fashion photographers aspire – perfectly capturing a mood or lifestyle as a way of marketing clothes.  Click here (it takes a few seconds to load) to see his video Salvaged Beauty “Anthem”.   Can you imagine the day when you don’t sit down to read Vogue, but instead watch it?  I personally have an attachment to the glossy pages of magazines, and hope that they’ll never fully disappear, but exciting steps are being taken to ensure that journalists will still have careers in the future.


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