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I have some very exciting news to share!  Hush n Wonder has moved!  This shouldn’t be a problem for most people (since Hush n Wonder has it’s own domain, it will automatically take readers to the new site!)  The only bummer is posts can’t be moved, so you’ll have to come back here to read all the oldies but goodies!  I’m so excited about my new site and would like to send a big THANK YOU to Shari of Little Blue Deer for doing such an amazing job making my site perfect!   Thank you for reading, my lovies!


I started my blog for a lot of reasons, but the main one would have to be so that I would have a creative outlet.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to work for a magazine, writing about things I love and inspire passion.   Like most 25 year-olds haven’t yet landed my dream job, but Hush n Wonder has been a sort of pretend career, that has become a way of fulfilling my need to write and stay involved in media.  While I’m still looking to officially start a journalism career, I can’t help but be beyond excited about the way the magazine industry is progressing.   I had the opportunity to discuss this ever-changing field with some industry professionals a couple of weeks ago, and am mesmerized by how magazine articles are being told through video.    The video below explains it better than I can.

And, fashion lovers, rejoice, some pretty amazing things are being done with fashion through cinematography as well.  Award winning photographer Jim Krantz has mastered what all great fashion photographers aspire – perfectly capturing a mood or lifestyle as a way of marketing clothes.  Click here (it takes a few seconds to load) to see his video Salvaged Beauty “Anthem”.   Can you imagine the day when you don’t sit down to read Vogue, but instead watch it?  I personally have an attachment to the glossy pages of magazines, and hope that they’ll never fully disappear, but exciting steps are being taken to ensure that journalists will still have careers in the future.

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Valentine’s Day is almost here!  I have chosen to believe that Valentine’s Day is not a holiday created by Hallmark, but instead a time of giving delicate little cards and savory chocolates to the ones you love.  One of my favorite memories from my childhood would have to be in elementary school when we’d make little mailboxes and everyone would exchange sweet little cards adorned with cherry flavored suckers.   Even single I always enjoyed the holiday (maybe that’s because my mom always made a point of sending tulips?) But regardless, what’s so bad about being reminded how wondeful a little romance can be?  Below are my top ten favorite love stories to get you in the mood for February 14th.   

10.  The Notebook – Name a girl that doesn’t love this movie?  It’s so cliche, I’m almost ashamed, but it is the ultimate love story, and I might be slightly obsessed with Ryan Gosling.

9. A Walk in the Clouds –  This is the sweetest movie ever.  My bffer Brooke and I used to watch this and it’s so relaxing and will make you wish you came from a big family and owned a vineyard.

8.  Cruel Intentions –  I’m still so attached to this movie.  It tells the ultimate love story and was so relatable growing up.   It’s still one of my favorites.

7.  Casablanca –   It might just be the most romantic movie ever made, and it’s still watched this day for that very reason.  Proof, things might not go as planned and love can be a tricky, tricky thing.

6.  Serendipity –   Ahh, everything happens for a reason, right?  I’m in love with the idea of  ‘serendipity’ and ‘soul mates’ and love that it all comes together so perfectly in this film.

5. The Graduate –   Maybe it’s all the Simon and Garfunkel in this movie, but I just love this story.   A little twisted and a lot nostalgic, it’s the story of finding love after college.

4.  Romeo and Juliet –  I’ll admit the 90’s version with Leo and Claire was good, but the 1968 version with Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting is amazing.  Seriously, just watch it, and you’ll see what I mean.  The best love story ever told.

3.  Far and Away –  This is my parent’s favorite movie ever.  In all honestly I haven’t seen it in years, and am dying to watch it again, but it’s a wonderful tale of adventure and romance.

2.  Big Fish –  This is the story of an exceptionally unique man and the woman he loves.  Through colorful and imaginative storytelling, Edward tells the tale of his life and how he found his one true love.   The most touching movie I’ve ever seen.

1. True Romance –  The ultimate love story.  If you’re looking for the perfect romantic movie to share with your man, please, please watch this.  He’ll love it, and so will you.  And just see if you can keep track of all the famous faces you’ll spot – betcha can’t.

I’m obssessed with this photo.  Do you ever just look at an image and it takes you somewhere?   This little pic completely does that for me.  The nuzzled up embrace, the avant garde clothes, and trying to figure out where they are, what they’re doing, and their relationship is enough to keep my mind occupied for longer than I’d care to admit. 

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I’d like to start this post by letting everyone know that I’m a Libra.  I don’t care that the axis of our planet has shifted in the past 2,000 years, my sign has not changed, I am not a Virgo, I am a Libra, through and through.

And in true Libra fashion, I love nothing more than to indulge in the finer things in life, and during these cold winter months that is exactly what dry skin, dull hair, and pale complexions need.  Here are my beauty must-haves to  stay fresh looking during the bleak months of winter.

I know you’ve probably heard it a million times, but the reviews are true, people – MoroccanOil is an amazing thing!   I personally use the shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, shine spray, oil, and conditioning mask and it leaves my hair the healthiest it’s ever felt.   If you want to start your collection slowly, start with the Original MorrocanOil Oil Treatment ($19).  Put a teensy amount in damp hair and notice a huge difference. My tiny bottle lasted about 6 months.


I first bought this lotion because it’s “Norwegian Formula” and I’m almost 100% Norwegian.  Yeah, I’m that girl.   But good thing I am, because I can’t imagine my winters without this wonder lotion.  Like the name suggests, Neutrogena Moisture Wrap ($7) leaves skin beyond quenched and the smell is soft and comforting.  I love it.


Exfoliating is always important, especially in the winter.  But when my skin is extra dry and sensitive I take a break from my St. Ives Apricot Scrub (that I use as a body exfoliator, too) and switch to The Body Shop’s Aloe Gentle Exfoliator ($14.50).    It still does it’s job getting rid of dead skin, but adds an exta dose of moisture dry skin needs.


As much as I moisturize, my face looks dull this time of year.  MAC Strobe Cream ($29.90) is a godsend.  I layer it on top of my normal face moisturizer and it makes skin nice and dewey, a feat not easily accomplished when I haven’t seen sun or humidity in months.   Also prevents foundation and powders from looking cakey.


I feel frumpy if my skin isn’t glowing and in winter months, too much bronzer looks fake and orange.  To accomplish a healthy glow I turn to my Estee Lauder Tender Sheer Blush Stick ($25).  It adds an extra pop of color without loading on the makeup and is perfect over a light concealer.


I use this product not what it’s intended for – so if you’re going to try it be careful and don’t get it in your eyes!  I use Boots Rose Cold Cream ($7.99) around my eyes and the extra rich cream takes off eye makeup in a snap.  It also refreshes sensitive skin around the eye area.  It’s way too oily for me to use as a moisturizer, but it takes care of rough elbows too!


My hair is a fragile thing in the winter, so I baby it.   A lot.  Instead of ripping through knots with a normal brush, I use a wide toothed comb to slowly get rid of tangles.  This Detangling Brush from the Body Shop ($7) is the size you want.  I also try to avoid blowdrying and styling as much as possible in the winter.


The best investment I’ve made this winter has to be a humidifier!  I leave this Vick’s Germ Free Humidifier ($63.50) on when I’m sleeping and have avoided chapped lips and scratchy throats that accompany dry air.    It also helps cut back on pesty static the leaves shirts clinging and hair fluffy!

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As much as I like to pretend Spring is just around the corner, it’s not.  It snowed steadily all day long yesterday and I watched from inside, only venturing into the elements to snap a few pictures.  Last night’s dinner consisted of hot soup and figuring out a good meal to make for today’s equally snowy and chilled conditions.   Although I think I’m ready for spring there is plenty making me happy during dreary, old January.  The itmes below are currently topping my list:

  • My latest read, Lunch in Paris.   It’s delightful and I’m itching to try the recipes.  I’m also trying to take cues from the French way of eating – eat small portions slowly.  Seriously, best advice ever.
  • How snuggly my kittens have been lately.   They’re well aware of the fact that the colder the weather, the cuddlier they must be.
  • The way my entire body is sore after my workouts. 
  • Being stuck inside with nothing to do but watch old Bond movies and cuddle.  Poor me (hehe).
  • The fact that my bathroom is equipped with a jetted tub.  Do you guys have any idea how many bubbles jets create?  It’s amazing.
  • Making myself do different things with my hair. This includes low, side ponytails, messily braided updos, and figuring out how to make hair clips back in style.

This makes me cry every time I watch it.  To be truthful I’m wiping away tears right now.  Merry Christmas, everyone, and lets not forget what Christmas is all about.