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Want to know something crazy?  In 6th grade, a report changed my life.    We all had to do reports on a country of our choosing, and somehow I ended up with the Principality of Monaco.  I became instantly obsessed (Let’s be honest, I still am) and also developed a fascination with Grace Kelly.   And mind you, this was well before Audry, Marilyn, and Grace were everyone’s fashion icons.  It wasn’t long after I came to idolize the Princess of Monaco, that I became familiar with her brunette and equally striking grand daughter Charlotte Casiraghi.  She was so royal and from a young age had a sense of style I would have killllled for.  She pops up on the pages of Vogue every now and again, and has recently been making more headlines thanks to her polished yet edgy sense of style.   I’d like to think that since she’s a writer and an equestrian, we’d be BFFs if we were to ever meet 😉  Take a look at her style below…


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