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My dearies, I’m so sorry that my posts have been sporadic!  It’s been a crazy week here for me, but expect some fun changes coming to Hush n Wonder!  I can’t wait!  But enough about me, have you all been following New York Fashion Week?  I’ve been drooooling.   My favorite is, once again, Tracy Reese!  Her stuff is just so wearable.  I’m obsessed with the retro feel (wasn’t I just talk talking about this!?) and her way of making old, new again is utterly refreshing.  It’s the perfect mix of ecclectic and glam and I’d wear all. of. it. 

What I’m Picking Up:

– Teeny, tiny polka dots

– Chunky knits paried with silk

– Fur detailing

– Fun prints (lots of strips and florals!)




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Every once in a while a designer will come up with a collection that will leave me in a fashion trance. These are the collections that encapsulate a mood so seamlessly it leaves me dreaming (literally) about wearing the clothes. Prepare to fall in love. Below is Tracy Reese’s Spring 2011 collection. With it’s distinct 70’s feel, pie-round sunnies, floppy hats, and an array of prints that could make Missoni jealous, there’s PLENTY to get inspiration from. Below are some notes I took on the collection and a few trends I can’t wait to try.

* The button detailing, the elegant sleeves, the fitted waist. I want this LWD.

* Mixing textures is key. Chunky Knit? Check. Silky pants? Check. Leather hat? Check.

* Nothing says spring like stripes. And this dress takes it to another level with the printed insert. I’m hoping Forever 21 copies.

* This poncho makes me melt. The sweet bow, the delicate knit. I love when boho goes fancy.

* The tweed jacket with the white and black detailing looks so fresh with classic white trousers.

* Gorgeous from shoulders to ankles. I want to pick Queen Anne’s Lace in this on a sunny day.

* Head to toe black is chic. Throw on those awesome sunnies and a floppy hat and make it chicer.

* We all know I like tribal prints dressed up. This dress is no exception.

* What a great take on the shirt dress. Love the sleeves and pockets. The print is great too.

* The feminine floral print contrasts perfectly with the sexy cut out bustier.

* I love how something so simple can make such a big statment. The plunging neckline balances the long frame of the dress.

* Again, love head to toe mono-tones. Accessories are key here. Adding layers of necklaces and a polished belt top off a classic blouse and trousers.

Images via New York Magazine.

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